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Category : Web Design
Client :OpenBooks.com
Completion :May 2015
Role :Project Manager

OpenBooks.com was the first Pay What You Want eBookstore, operating in the "read first, then pay as much as you think is right" model. As a Project Manager, I was responsible for building and completing the service together with a small team of programmers. OpenBooks was a complex portal that allowed authors to publish books in an innovative model. The service had many features, it allowed to convert documents into 3 types of book files: ePub, Mobi, PDF, it had its own blog (with customized reactions), and panel for authors publishing books, from which they could collect payments for published material. Under the supervision of an experienced CTO, the portal was created in Ruby on rails, and the process of publishing and downloading books was designed with the use of UX graphic designers. Part of the portal's activity was also publishing classics of literature in carefully prepared new formats and with beautiful, specially designed covers.