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Category : Publications
Client :PWN
Completion :April 2016
Role :Author

My book 'Status moralny zwierzÄ…t' ('Moral Status of Animals) is a voice in an extremely important public debate on human use of animals. It is the first study in Polish philosophy in which we can look closely at the ethics of Peter Singer - one of the most influential contemporary philosophers - and trace its practical application in the context of killing and suffering of animals. It also covers various of topics, i.e. you can learn how animals communicate, experience emotions and understand each other. How industrial breeding looks like, whether all experiments are for the good of humanity, or if breaking the law to defend animals is justified. I also tried to cover an extremely interesting thread of potentiality, which is important in the context of the moral status of foetuses. So this book can be used as a compendium of knowledge on animal ethics, as well as a practical guide to the moral dilemmas we face when making consumer choices.
10% of the income from the book was allocated to support Open Cages.